Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Surprise, Surprise

Back on August 12th I posted about people supporting illegal immigration by making the ridiculous argument that there are "jobs Americans won't do." After destroying that argument I mockingly asked why the open borders extremists don't also argue for the use of child labor to do jobs that fully grown Americans can't do because they're too big to fit into tight spaces and such.

The people I mocked in that post were complaining about an Immigration Department enforcement raid which found 600 illegal alien workers at an Iowa meat processing plant.

Well, imagine my surprise when I saw an article today about that same Iowa meat processing plant. It turns out that the owners there were also using underage child labor. I was relieved to see that they were doing that long before I posted my thing; because I would have hated to learn that I gave them the idea.

But seriously, why should it surprise anyone that an employer who will break the law to employ and exploit illegal aliens will also break the law to employ and exploit children? Such employers want easily manipulated workers who can't complain about unjust treatment. Illegal aliens fit the bill because if they complain the employer can easily replace them with a new illegal alien willing to work for any wage and under any conditions. Children also fit the bill, because they're too ill-informed to know they can complain.

We need to get control of our borders and we need to set reasonable limits on legal immigration. There is a logical argument to be made for controlled levels of immigration of people with specialized education and complex job skills and such. There is no logical argument to be made for wide open borders and wide open visa systems which allow a literally unlimited number of illegal aliens to enter the country.

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