Thursday, September 18, 2008

Life doesn't get much better than this

I just ate a delicious fig fresh from the tree. Last night Linda and I shared four others. And there are a few more ripening.

The fig tree has clearly adapted well to it's new in-ground site after its years in the pot. Now all I have to do is make sure I wrap it properly for the winter and next year there will be a massive crop. I have a couple of 1943 pictures of Grandpop A's Penn Street backyard wrapped and bucket helmeted fig tree as a guide, but I trust someone out there on the net has posted step by step instructions.

I may even share a couple of figs with others next year.


Anonymous said...

My next door neighbors have a young pear tree. When they left for vacation, the tree had a number of small pieces of fruit growing.

Unfortunately, my husband and I neglected to warn them of three young screwy little squirrels who were born in our yard this year. They were so silly that we named them Moe, Larry, and Curly.

Apparently, my three little stooges ate my neighbor's fruit. This of course elevated them from the classification of cute and silly to that of evil varmint.

We no longer see the squirrels playing in the yard anymore. We assume that they have matured sufficiently and found squirrels of the opposite sex to be far more stimulating (for lack of a better word) than my neighbor's pear tree.

There's a guy at work who has a fig tree. He wraps it every year. I can find out how he does it if you like...

Sully said...

Interesting story. Fortunately our squirrels have left the figs alone, at least so far.

Thanks for the offer, but I found information re wrapping the fig via google. It's a PDF from Cornell U. that seems authoritative, and it agrees in substance with several other sites I visited. I'll probably research it a bit more as well, just to be sure.