Friday, September 5, 2008

A word on recent slurs aimed at my frog

Two guest have recently alleged that my frog has been gaining weight. I'm pleased to report that I've reviewed his pictures of three years or so ago and can report that he is as svelte as ever, or at least as svelte as he was three years ago.

Such comments are tempting me to give him the hop of the house as a test of his athleticism, but I'm resisting. The last time he was decidedly uncooperative about returning to his bowl. And I've slowed down a bit in the ten years of so since the last time.

If he should somehow become released to hop free and I can't catch him before Linda gets home it will not be good. Must resist!


Anonymous said...

If in doubt about your ability to catch a runaway frog, I would resist the temptation to let him loose. You could find yourself doing what we did when a baby bunny got loose in our house...we had to pull out 7' tall, solid wood wall units that were packed with books.

Perhaps you could determine his BMI and see if it is within range for a frog of his age. ;)

BTW, I saw videos of screaming frogs at YouTube. Do they scream because they are scared or because they're angry?

I also find that whenever I pick up a frog/toad that finds himself in harm's way; i.e. trying to cross a busy boardwalk at the beach, that they always "mess" on my hands.


Sully said...

An unusual event tonight. Not unprecedented, but pretty unusual.

He didn't come out from under his rock shelter for his pellet. I'm resisting the thought that he heard the conversation about his girth and has decided to go on a diet.