Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Some Muslims don't want to convert us by the sword

Stephen Schwartz is always interesting even though I've disagreed with his articles as many times as I've agreed with them. In this short interview with John J. Miller of National Review he explains Sufism, a very old tradition which is a whole different thing from the sort of Islam most people are familiar with.


On the other hand, Michael Ledeen of National Review has pointed out that Iran's version of congress just voted 196 to 7 to pass a law that makes it an official death penalty offense for a Muslim to convert to another religion. Formerly in Iran the neighbors just stoned or stabbed the miscreant to death, informal like, if someone got that far out of line.

One hundred and ninety-six to seven! Sounds like it was a pretty popular law that aroused a lot of enthusiasm. The article doesn't say whether the Iranian congressmen - somehow I doubt there are any congresswomen in Iran - the article doesn't say whether the congressjihadis were jumping up and down, shooting guns in the air and waving big throat-cutting knives around after the vote. It also doesn't say whether the 196 who voted "Yea" immediately cut the throats of the 7 who voted "Nay;" or whether they did it later after the dudes got their day in Sharia Court. I guess a news story can't cover everything.


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