Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Do you have plenty of warm clothes?

In response to a previous post here Nephew David wrote a question on my wall at Facebook about the probability of serious global cooling. Fortunately Facebook sent me an email about it because I don't know how to get to the damn wall to read what's on it. And I wanted to read what's on it a couple of weeks ago because I got an email that made me think a young gal who should have her mouth washed out with soap also wrote stuff there after seeing my cowboy hat picture, although David told me he didn't see what she wrote when he went to this supposed wall.

Have I mentioned that my cowboy hat picture is the very best child's picture in the known universe. I would post it here, but I don't know how to post pictures here. Facebook is very easy to post pictures on. Maybe too easy, because like, Dude, some of the young folks who have posted pictures there are seriously going to be like embarrassed in ten or twenty or forty years when their like kids and grandkids find those pictures.

Anyway, here's a post by Edward John Craig on National Review's Planet Gore blog that talks about sunspots and the little ice age and why the way out there in the heliosphere scientists think we should be thinking about it. As a surprise bonus it also explains why you have straight black hair if you are one of the so-called "black Irish;" but you have to read kind of between the lines to get the joke about that, and you have to know where Spain is, and what kind of people live in Spain and what kind of people mostly live in Ireland and so forth, headsplittingly boring stuff they don't teach in schools nowadays. Anyway, even if you don't know where Ireland or why Spanish rice is kind of pink the post is very interesting because it explains why you might like freeze your ass off this winter or next winter.



sis said...

Ah, the cowboy hat picture.... Haven't seen that one in awhile. I could use a good laugh!

Try the photo button on your interface to upload a picture.

Sully said...

The problem is that the picture is on the other computer, so I would have to email it to this computer, etc. etc. Or else I would have to log on from that computer. . . hmmm

And then I would have to find this photo button. . .

"The God's honest truth is I just never got around to posting pictures," he lied.

sis said...

Just do it.....

And, now that I am thinking about said picture, is it really the one of you in front of the Christmas tree or is it the one at Halloween? As I recall, you were wearing a Cowboy hat then too.

Oh, and being stretchy might be good for some of us as long as we can choose one direction only.