Tuesday, September 9, 2008

We deserve better!

The Demos are trying to sell Joe Biden as a po' boy from Scranton. If Barack Obama bought Joe Biden as a coal miner's daughter type Pennsylvania native scion he's a lot less smart than he appeared when he rolled over Bill O'Reilly on taxes last night.

Here's a random thought that struck me while watching Obama swish O'Reilly around on the floor like a dust mop and then unscrew his head and slam dunk it.

After this election we're going to have to look at either Obama's big wart or McCain's turkey wattle neck for the next four years. Not pleasant. And then there's that thing with the tongue Palin does behind her lower lip when she's thinking.

And if that's not enough; all three of the above pale next to the thought of listening to Biden talk out of both sides of his mouth for four years. What a supercilious asshole. Caligula's horse is a lot more believable as a popular favorite for a Senator's stall and trough, and he didn't get re-elected 6 times. At least half of the three or four dozen voters down in Delaware must be brain damaged from smelling all that chicken shit.

Anyway, after eight years of putting up with George W's earnest Alfred E. Neuman imitation we deserve better.


Anonymous said...

I caught the second part of the interview at the FOXNEWS website. I credit O'Reilly for pointing out that income redistribution is a socialist tenet.

What bothers me is that the socialists don't seem to understand (or care) that there are people out there who either can't afford to send their child to college or who have to take out home equity loans in order to pay for their child's education, because they're forced to pay taxes for college educations for the "disadvantaged".

It's going to get to a point where so many people are putting their hands out that there won't be enough to go around. In the meantime, the people who are being hit with all the taxes will throw their hands up in the air and say, "Why bother?"

You'll see fewer people investing in companies within this country and you'll see fewer businesses starting up. That means fewer job opportunities.

People say that unions are pretty much a thing of the past; but in my opinion, that's only because they sufficiently planted the seeds of socialism in the minds of enough people that they now behave like union workers.

Instead of being grateful that they have a boss who was willing to invest capital so that s/he could start up a business and give them a job, workers now feel entitled to their jobs, promotions or raises.

For example, unlike most of the women with whom I have worked for almost four decades, I have always maintained my skills in a variety of computer and other technical applications. If I see a new trend coming down the pike, I buy the software/equipment and learn how to use it. I take courses. I buy reference manuals. I make my bosses aware of the new technologies, and they frequently incorporate these new technologies into my job description. You make a better salary and you create your own job security. It's called taking initiative. You bring something to the table, and your boss rewards you for it.

Unfortunately, the employees who believe in handouts resent you for it, and they will try to make your life miserable.

This country was founded upon people who took the initiative to make a better life for themselves. The country prospered and grew.

Destroy initiative and you destroy the foundation upon which this country rests. Socialism destroys initiative, and it is socialism that will destroy this country.

Of course, if the Republicans don't stop spending money like it's growing on trees, they're not going to help either.

That's my rant. Sorry.


Sully said...

You made a lot of good points.

The poorly designed welfare programs put into force in the 1960's destroyed the self reliance and self respect of a couple of generations of people. The good news is that the welfare reforms put in effect late in the 1990's have made major inroads in getting many people to work. In most cases they're struggling because they never developed the skills while young, but at least they're developing some self respect. And, the limits on the time of collecting are helping to prevent another generation of folks with no self respect.

Patrick Moynihan wrote about this in the 1970's. I can't remember the name of the book.

Anonymous said...

I placed a post here last night, but then somehow messed up and lost it. Perhaps it is just as well, because I worked myself up into another rant. :)

At any rate, the long and the short of it was that I had the misfortune of participating as a teacher in two different office skills training programs (backed by government $'s)...one in the late 70's and another in 2000.

I was so appalled at the way these programs were being run that I quit the first program after two months and the second program after two nights.

If I say any more, I'll go into rant mode.