Tuesday, August 12, 2008

What about the jobs legal American workers can't do

Over at Pajamas Media Ruben Navarette Jr. makes the tired old argument that we have to stop enforcing immigration laws because there are "jobs Americans won't do."

He uses as his example a slaughterhouse which has become much less efficient because it was raided by the immigration authorities and can no longer use illegal aliens who were quite happy to work fifteen hour days for $7.25 per hour with no extra pay for overtime while being sexually harassed and otherwise abused by the management - I'm not kidding, he actually uses that example.

I think Navarette has an excellent point, but he doesn't go nearly far enough because he fails to address the crisis involving the many jobs which legal American workers simply can’t do.

To take but one example, all over the country companies are digging mines with six foot high passageways through rock at great financial and environmental expense because child labor laws prevent them from using little children who could work in mines with only three or four foot high passageways. If employers could use three foot tall children as workers in mines they could produce the same amount of coal, uranium, lead, etc. at much less cost and as a result the children who were not working could have even cheaper happy meals.

If we stopped enforcing child labor laws we could help out the economy and the environment at the same time because little children can do many jobs better and more efficiently than much larger adults can.

Write your congressman today demanding a stop to this madness. Do it for the children.

You can read the entirety of Navarette's profoundly stupid opinion piece here - http://pajamasmedia.com/blog/illegal-immigrants-—-still-doing-the-jobs-americans-wont/

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