Friday, September 12, 2008

Ouch! That has to smart

It turns out Barack Obama is only in favor of women getting equal pay for equal work when it comes to women who work for somebody else; or maybe it's just that Obama has problems with the idea of hiring women for positions of responsibility.

Obama pays the women on his staff 83% of what he pays the men on his staff.

McCain, on the other hand, pays the women on his staff better than he pays the men by a few percentage points, mostly because he has female staffers who are allowed to do more than serve the men coffee and attend to the typing and filing.

But I'm a partisan, so you shouldn't just trust me. You can look it up yourself. Deroy Murdock at National Review lays out the facts in nice order. And, just in case you don't trust him either, he gives his sources so you can check them yourself.


Anonymous said...

McCain's selection of Sarah Palin for the V.P. slot falls right in line with the fact that he has more women on staff and that they make more money than the men.

It's been my experience that libertarian/conservative women tend to be strong and supportive and can take charge in a crisis, while liberal women tend to be bossy and shrill and look to someone else for help.

Perhaps that is why liberals look to the government to solve all their problems.

There is a big difference between being controlling and being able to take control.

I'm making a point of saying this, because feminists have made this a taboo subject for men. I'm a they can't call me a sexist.


Sully said...

Good point, and very well stated.

Except, you underestimate the far out there liberals when you say "they can't call me sexist." They can not only do that, they can go a lot farther around the bend.

I can't recall the specific link but the other day one of the feminist professors made a statement that Sarah Palin isn't a real woman.

The extent to which true believers can become disconnected from all logic is awe inspiring. This happens on the right also, but on the left it's much more commonly visible. That, I think is because the culture has taught the right to shut up rather than say outrageous things. It's a major political advantage of the Republicans that liberals have not similarly learned to control the spewings from their mouths.

Whether this state of affairs (i.e. repression of speech by political correctness) is healthy for the country in the long run is another issue.

Anonymous said...

The statement that was made about Palin not being a woman was irrational. Doesn't matter what the feminists say, you can't strip someone of their XX chromosone.

But they really embarrassed themselves by saying it, because in essence what they were saying is that to be like a man is to be less than a woman. I would call that sexism of the highest order.

Judge me not upon my gender, but upon my actions, abilities, and accomplishments.


Sully said...

Gender politics trumps biology.

Read Camille Paglia's older stuff. Or, you could look it up in Obama's biography.