Sunday, March 22, 2009

Why shouldn't casinos get stimulus money

Senator Harry Reid of Nevada is very concerned that the nasty Republicans added an amendment to the "stimulus" bill preventing casinos from sharing in the great deluge of our tax dollars that are being strewn around the country. This article doesn't say it, but it's probable Senator Reid also wants stimulus dollars for his favorite cathouses. If the manufacturers of cute little whips and the banks that finance them can get stimulus money, why can't casinos and cathouses get it?

Casinos and cathouses are important parts of the economy of Nevada. They provide tens of thousands of good jobs, they almost singlehandedly support the towel laundry services, and they funnel millions in "contributions" to Senator Reid. The good senator uses the casino bribes to get elected so he can continue to do good for the people. He mostly takes his cathouse bribes in trade because it's important that he stay in close touch with his constituents, and he has to remain well stimulated himself so he can deliver what the people of Nevada want and deserve.

Casinos and cat houses are every bit as worthy of stimulus dollars as banks and car companies.

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