Thursday, March 12, 2009

Feel the Obamaness!

The other evening Linda and I went to Phoenixville to walk around and visit Wolfgang Books. While there we wandered into a very strange store that sells only eco-friendly and/or U.S. made goods. What caught our attention was the oddity of a store that advertises home cooking along with flooring materials and clothing on its front window.

We were greeted and given a little tour by a nice lady who was carrying a mug of arugula and mung bean soup or some such that she said was her dinner. I didn't notice whether she was wearing love beads and a mood ring, but I did notice that she probably doesn't restrict her dinners to one mug of soup every night.

After we departed to the street Linda said "you could just feel the Obamaness."

Until a few minutes ago I thought that Linda might have coined a new word; but after checking on google I find that there have been many prior uses of "Obamaness." There is even a youtube poster who says she is from Yemen who announced plans for a website named way back in February of last year. That poster never got around to doing more than posting "Obamaness - Coming Soon!" at the address. Would that The One had never gotten any closer to power than that.

It's interesting that the Yemeni obamaness youtube poster uses an image of a rather shapely thonged behind, presumably her own, as her avatar image. After spending a little while appreciating that image, purely for journalistic purposes mind you since one seldom gets to see what's under the chador, I'm now wondering if the modern day hippy lady who escorted us around in that strange Phoenixville store has a nice big tattoo of The One on her far less shapely posterior.

For those of you who can't get enough of images of your saviour the link below is to a website that got me started on this whole train of thought. If you click on the little circular symbol in the lower left corner of the page you can see as many paintings of Obama as you might want.

Jay Nordlinger of National Review's The Corner led me to the Obama paintings site. Clearly the Michaelangelo of the Age of The One has not yet been located although many of the paintings are quite good examples of the sort of paintings one finds when one has the misfortune to wander into a gallery of Socialist Realism works or when one travels through a train station sporting murals done by the artists who travelled around the country during the Great Depression when Roosevelt hired all the hacks to decorate such places so they wouldn't make nuisances of themselves in New York and Washington.


Lisa said...
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Lisa said...

Sully, after attending a "First Friday" in Phoenixville for the first time this past summer, I think Linda's phrase of "Obamaness" succintly captures out discomfort. I felt that I must have been radiating so much "conservativeness" (as a defense mechanism, of course) that the hippies surely MUST have been staring at me.

Your son said...

Oooo... for you to delete a comment it must have been especially vulgar. I assume therefore that you have deeply offended some mung bean soup drinking 'hippy' and that they let you know it!

Sully said...

We didn't feel uncomfortable, we felt amused. I think the primary reason God creates hippies is so he can watch their antics when they gather, as in Phoenixville, Skippack, San Fran in the old days, etc.

I didn't delete the comment, the author deleted it.