Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The bad news, the worse news, the sad news, and the good news

The bad news is that your retirement savings are probably shot to hell, at least temporarily. The worse news is that if the thieves and idiots down in Washington don't get a clue we all may end up broke and eating tasteless mush in a nursing home. The sad news is that even Bill Gates and Warren Buffet will probably end up eating tasteless mush in a nursing home, even if it's a somewhat more plush nursing home than you and I will be warehoused in; so there's really no helping that problem.

The good news is that a rock didn't land on your head the other day with the force of a thousand nuclear bombs and solve all your problems in one fiery moment.

I tend to make dentist appointments for 8:20 in the morning; so for years I've been in the chair every few months having my teeth cleaned (much as beluga whales have their teeth regularly cleaned in the better aquariums, I might add) at 9:00 AM when a certain radio station plays the great song you can listen to at this site.

So quicherbellyachin! I think that's the way the joke sign at Mash's Luncheonette spelled it. I've always remembered that sign. Even as a kid I was sure it was Mrs. M who posted that sign, because John was always belly aching. It didn't do him any good. They're buried side by side down at St. Pat's, not far from where Grandmom L was laid to rest after several years of telling us that her next trip would be "up 202."

In other news, I won both games at yesterday afternoon's Scrabble encounter with Jas and Kathy, and I scored "Declined" to use all my letters in the first game. There's still some residual processing power in the old bean. And, last night Linda and I managed to successfully practice the first four moves of the West Coast Swing that Jas and Kathy taught us last Sunday, so there is still some liveliness in the old gams. Finally, tonight is dance lesson night at the Ballroom on High, and I understand there's a group of twenty or so signed up for Jas and Kathy's beginner/intermediate Waltz session. Life is not only far better than the alternative right now, it's downright good.


Anonymous said...

I think it's great that you want to have a positive attitude, but pointing out what's wrong with the economy and half a dozen other serious matters that come to mind has a purpose in that we have to wake people up to the harsh realities of what's going on.

As one woman I know said, "Yeah, I guess I really should understand what's going on with the economy, but I just can't be bothered."

So, it's not so much about "quicherbellyachin" as it is about "wake up and smell the coffee".


Sully said...

Perhaps I didn't ecpress myself very well. I have no objection to pointing out problems, as I sometimes do myself although recently I've been more subdued and mellow for reasons which are the subject of a blog post that I've been too lazy to finish.

As to waking up and smelling the coffee, my general feeling is that the great mass of independent idiots who provided the margin to elect Obama won't wake up and smell the coffee until their bed is well and truely on fire.