Tuesday, March 10, 2009

It turns out photons are a lot like kids

Elementary particles are a lot like kids. They behave in very peculiar ways; especially when you're not looking at them.

"The stunning result, though, was that in some places the number of photons was actually less than zero . . . (when) Dr Yokota (and also Drs Lundeen and Steinberg) managed to observe them without looking. . ."

Presumably the three physicists crossed their hearts and hoped to die if they peeked. All three agree on what they observed while they weren't looking.

The important news (according to the physicists) is that this means the universe does in fact exist when you're not looking at it. What's more there is now no longer any need to wonder if that tree falling in the forest is making a noise when you're not there to hear it.

You'll have to read the article at the link below to learn more.



Anonymous said...

Now that we know that the universe exists when we're not peeking (I wonder how much grant money they used to figure that out), what do you suppose they're going to do with that information?


Sully said...

I personally am much reassured by the finding that the universe exists when we're not looking. As to what the scientists are going to do with the information, I doubt that it will be good. Folks who study such things should be watched very closely, in my opinion.