Friday, March 20, 2009

Patrick Kinna has died at 95 years old - RIP

If you're at all into history there is nothing quite like the obituaries in the London Telegraph and other English newspapers.

This is a good example. It's the obituary of Patrick Kinna, who was Winston Churchill's private secretary during World War II.

Here's a sample:
"Offered a lift by a general and two staff officers, Kinna sat in the front of the car, with a rifle between his knees which was pointing at the general's head. The general asked if the safety catch was on, and Kinna – who had received no arms training – replied that he had no idea. The car was stopped, and the general examined the weapon to find that the catch was not engaged and there was a live bullet up the spout. Kinna never forgot the dressing-down he received."

The story about what Churchill, naked, said to Franklin Roosevelt when the president surprised him is also great.

And there are others.

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