Thursday, February 26, 2009

This is not meant as a metaphor for life in the time of Obama

Jonah Goldberg of National Review finds all of the best time wasters. This is a great one. It's well worth while to run the two minute youtube video at the end. Note that after he painted the ice crevice very few people walked "into" it. Almost all of them walk around it.

The third comment is great too - "How many bankers do you suppose it would take to fill it up?"

And - Jonah also linked to a neat site where you can easily justify wasting time while making up for all that education you missed back when you were enjoying yourself in college and taking easy courses instead of signing up for tough courses. This site offers free college lecture courses on all subjects. Abraham Lincoln taught himself law soley from books and it served him pretty well all the way up to his bad decision to go to the theater that night. You can learn as much as any PhD in almost any subject you want for free at this site.

Finally, I always expect a high bullshit and dishonesty quotient in political speeches but President Obama went way over the limit the other night when he claimed that he'll pay for his huge spending increases by raising taxes only on the two percent of people earning over $250,000. As it turns Obama can't get the money for his increased spending from those two percent of the people even if he totally confiscates all of their income. The Wall Street Journal has a very interesting and informative article on this.


Your son said...

this is an amusing link... maybe you can find a tea-party protest near you...

Sully said...

There's going to be a tea party protest in Philadelphia on Sunday; but we will be up in the mountains.

Anonymous said...

You might enjoy this video clip from CNBC. Santelli was in great form.