Saturday, February 28, 2009

A frog is a cat is a chimp is a boy

Don A, who's down in Florida enjoying the sun and warmth, sent me this link that points up yet another injustice in the tax system. After reading the article linked to below I'm infuriated that the government gave us a tax break for all those years when Alex was at home; but it has given us nothing, nothing in the way of a tax break for all the years that I've lavished care and attention and yes, love, on our little frog. All those years of cleaning out his little bowl every few weeks whether it needed it or not, all those years of hand feeding him his nutritious pellets, all those years of talking to him so he wouldn't be lonely, all those years of explaining why his past conduct made it impossible to consider allowing him the pleasure of entertaining another nice buxom tadpole in his bowl, all those years of psychologically counselling him to rebuild his little ego after he heard Linda suggest that he be put out on the ice.

All that expense and all that time and love lavished on him and not one little bit of a tax break from the government to help. Oh, the humanity!

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Anonymous said...

You know, I've decided to delay notifying NYS that my dog died, just in case they actually do give out tax breaks for being a responsible pet owner.

Knowing the IRS, I probably shouldn't even kid about that, even though I post as "Anonymous". :)

In all seriousness, that cat woman is really out there.