Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What's this world coming to?

Yesterday the Times Herald reported that a college student and her boyfriend were arrested for killing her father. It seems the boyfriend shot the old man with her .357 magnum pistol. Shooting him was, of course, a pretty drastic action; but at least the boyfriend chose a proper tool for the job.

Later though, the two of them showed shockingly poor judgement when it came to disposing of the corpus delicti . First they dithered for a couple of weeks while the body ripened, so to speak, which was probably not the wisest course of action. Then they proceeded to buy themselves a chainsaw. . .

They probably got that idea from watching Texas Chainsaw Massacre; but if they had watched that movie a bit more closely, or if they had given even the barest amount of thought to how wide a kerf a chainsaw cuts and what the saw necessarily does with the removed material, they would have realized that it perhaps wasn't the best tool for the job. Talk about making the chips fly! Even Linda, who has never used a chainsaw, immediately commented that an ax would have been a much better choice of tool for the job.

What's the youth of this country coming to?

In national news it's been revealed that Barry's nominee for Treasury Secretary failed to pay his social security and medicare taxes for the years 2001 to 2004. Sounds like the perfect guy to put in charge of the IRS. It reminds me of when Philadelphia Mayor John Street nominated his brother Milton to head up the Philadelphia Gas Works and it was revealed that Milton hadn't paid his gas bills for fifteen or so years.

It's not only the youth of this country that's capable of making poor judgements.

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