Wednesday, January 7, 2009

First they came for the toilets that flushed

Some years ago the enviroweenies passed a law banning toilets that flush properly. They said such toilets used too much water. So now you can only buy the new kind that use less water, until you have to flush them three times to make the icky stuff that needs to go down go down to where it needs to go.

Now it turns out that was only the beginning. Those folks are now planning to come after flat screen TVs because they use too much electricity. Linda and I have a primitive old TV because one of us has been resistant to the idea of getting a new one that's the size of the screen at the old drive in movies, like the one a certain brother of mine has. I'm not going to name him because I wouldn't want the environmental police to break down the door of his house up in Limerick just off of Ridge Pike. He better put blackout curtains on the windows of the room where he has that TV.


Anonymous said...

I've heard that in some areas they are easing up on the toilet restrictions because of the wasted water used to flush so many times.

As for the televisions, the largest set we have is a 27" tube that sits in an entertainment center. We like the idea of closing the doors of the cabinet when the equipment is not in use, so that our living room doesn't have to look like an electronics center.

I guess we might feel differently about wanting to own a flat panel TV if we were into sports, but we're not.


Sully said...

We have a 32 inch set because thet's the biggest that will fit into the TV slot in our entertainment center. We're also not into sports; but I have to tell you that it's very neat to see nature shows and everything else on my brother's 48 inch HD TV.