Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Remember this when you do your Federal Income Taxes

The President of the United States and Sixty United States Senators (50 Democrats and 10 Republicans) believe that blatantly cheating on your Income Taxes up to the level of tens of thousands of dollars is fair game. They further believe that "I forgot" is a perfectly good excuse and enough to absolve you of penalties if the IRS happens to catch you.

Six Senators believe that the question of whether government officials should pay their income taxes is not worth leaving their mistresses beds, so they didn't show up to vote.

Thirty Four Senators believe that someone who fails to pay their income taxes for four years should not become Secretary of the Treasury and the boss of the Internal Revenue Service.

Remember that when you do your taxes this April. If you use Turbo Tax you are especially absolved of all responsibility for any lying or cheating you do because that's what Timothy Geithner used to do his taxes when he purposely failed to pay his taxes from 2001 to 2004. When he was caught by the IRS in 2005 he paid the taxes he evaded (with no penalties) for the years 2003 and 2004. Only when he was nominated to be Secretary of the Treasury by President Barack Obama did he decide to pay the taxes he evaded for the years 2001 and 2002.

Aunt Mary R used to refer to politicians as "whoremasters." She was far too mild.

"I forgot" and "I made a mistake" are now perfectly good excuses for not paying your taxes. If that's not "Change we can believe in" I don't know what is.

Update - Michelle Malkin has helpfully provided a list of the 50 Democratic Party and 10 Republican Party Senators who just spit in the face of all common sense and decency by voting to confirm a demonstrated tax cheat as Secretary of the Treasury. If you know anyone who is related to or has ever worked for any of these shameless horse thieves you would be well advised to watch your wallet in the event you need to deal with them. If you live in a state that foolishly elected them to the Senate you could do worse than to remember their name and vote against them no matter who they are running against when next they stand for election.



bobjones said...

I agree, "whoremasters" is putting it mildly. And lets not forget in our blind ideological drive for the "free market" (ie. redistribute to the wealthy) that 90% of business owners and corporations bend and spin and massage the tax code to, dare I say, cheat, on their taxes. Its a game for the priviledged among us, common for the wealthy but not for the commoner. For everyone does what they can to pay less tax, but the opportunity is there in greater benefit for those who have more to begin with. As a rule in this country, whoremasters have more to play with.

Sully said...

There is a difference between tax planning and tax fraud. What Geithner did is so obviously criminal tax fraud that it defies belief he is now in charge of the IRS.