Monday, November 10, 2008

Violence, passion and politics in Collegeville

Linda woke me this morning to see the end of a battle between two bucks down toward the creek. It was easy to tell who won because one of the bucks departed the field; but now they're both back and chasing the herd of does around. They were too far away and the action was too violent for me to notice earlier; but now I see that one buck is missing his right antler and the other buck is missing his left. Furthermore the left antler buck is a mere stripling with a couple of prongs, while the right antler buck has a much bigger half rack.

Talk about symbolism. They've both chased one of the does down into the woods where I can't see them now, so who knows how the contest will end.

That left antler upstart may have cleared the field and thus won the right to chase Lady Liberty around to his heart's content down in Washington for the next four years; but up here in Collegeville hope is still alive.

Update: 85 90 80 79 ;<)

Update 2: This morning we saw the right antler buck limping after the does; so apparently he drove the left antler buck from the field of eros. Something is wrong with his right rear leg. Here's hoping he was able to score while we were at work because the battle apparently cost him pretty dearly. He's half crippled just as winter approaches; not a good thing. The world of the wild is tough on the weak.

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Anonymous said...

don't be so pessimist about lady liberty, we aren't taking her back to the Egyptians (did you know that she was refused there before she got to NY)

the frog