Friday, November 14, 2008

Fill in the blanks

0 The Zero Sum Game (Linda 11/14)
1 The One
2 The Two Minute Drill - (anonymous2 11/14)
3 The Three Stooges
4 The Four Evangelists
5 The Five Senses
6 The Six Day War
7 The Seven Deadly Sins
8 The Eight Maids a Milking (Anonymous 11/14)
9 The Nine Planets
10 The Ten Commandments
11 The Eleventh Hour - (anonymous2 11/14)
12 The Twelve Days of Christmas
13 The Thirteen Original States
14 The Fourteen Points
15 Sweet Fifteen Quinceanera Dresses (Jenny 11/17)
16 Sixteen Candles (Sis 11/16)
17 Seventeen Magazine (Don A in FL 11/18)
18 Wheeler (Don A in FL 11/18)
19 Hey Nineteen (Sis 11/18)
20 The Twenty Yard Line (Sis 11/15)
21 Twenty One Makes Blackjack (Don A in FL 11/16)
22 The Twenty Two Rimfire Cartridge
23 The Twenty Third Psalm (Sis 11/16)
24 Four and Twenty Blackbirds (Sis 11/15 )
25 The Twenty Fifth Hour (Jenny 11/17)
26 Twenty Six Miles Across the Sea (Don A in FL 11/18)
27 Twenty Seven Dresses (Jenny 11/17)
28 The Twenty Eight Days February has except for when we have a
29 Twenty Nine Day February
30 The Thirty Years War
31 Thirty One Days are what all the rest have
32 Thirty-Two Degrees Fahrenheit (Hah - Deb suggested 212 degrees but missed this one)
33 The Thirty Three on Rolling Rock Beer Bottles (Don A in Fl 11/17)
34 The Miracle on Thirty Fourth Street (Jenny 11/17)
35 MM Film
36 The 36 Officer problem with Euler's Graeco Roman Squares Conjecture (Rebecca 11/19)
37 Degrees Celcius
38 The Thirty Eighth Parallel (Don A in FL 11/16
39 The Thirty Nine Steps (Rebecca 11/17)
40 The Forty Year Old Virgin (Anonymous 11/14)
41 Hotel 41 at Times Square (Don A in FL 11/18)
42 Forty Second Street (Hah! Jenny had the clue for this one but missed it)
43 Superbowl 43 (Don A in FL 11/18)
44 The Forty-Four Magnum
45 The Forty Five Caliber Model 1904 (Don A from Florida 11/15)
46 The Forty Six Defense (Don A in FL 11/18)
47 The AK Forty Seven (Rebecca 11/17)
48 The Lower Forty-Eight (Sis 11/15)
49 The Forty Niners (Don A in FL 11/17)
50 Fifty Ways to Leave Your Lover (Sis 11/14)
51 Area 51 (Rebecca 11/19)
52 Cards in a deck (Don A in FL 11/18)
53 Fifty Three is Herbie's number (Sis 11/18)
54 Car 54 Where Are You (Don A in FL 11/18
55 Mile Per Hour Speed Limit (Don A in FL 11/19)
56 Famous 56 WFIL (Don A in FL 11/23)
57 Heintz Fifty Seven Varieties (Don A in FL 11/17)
58 Gallery (Don A in FL 11/23)
59 The Fifty Ninth Street Bridge Song (Rebecca 11/19)
60 Sixty Minutes With Morley Safer (Don A in FL 11/17)
61 Home Runs - Roger Maris (Don A in FL 11/23)
62 BB-62 - USS New Jersey (Don A in FL 11/23)
63 Ranch (Don A in FL 11/23)
64 Ounce Can of San Marzano Tomatoes (Jenny 11/19)
65 CVAN Sixty-Five
66 Route Sixty Six (Don A in FL 11/16)
67 The Sixty Seven Chevy (Jenny 11/17)

69 (No comment - Jenny suggested it 11/19 and Rebecca endorsed it 11/19 - ask them)
70 Three Score and Ten Years

72 Cold Seventy Two Tablets (Dave 11/18)

76 The Seventy-Six Trombones (Sis and Linda 11/15)
77 Seventy Seven Sunset Strip (Don A in FL 11/18)
78 Seventy Eight Degrees Is Sully's Minimum Swimming Temp (Sis 11/18)

80 Four Score Years, Yet Is Their Strength Labor and Sorrow

82 The 82nd Airborne (Dave 11/15)

84 Lumber Company (Don A in FL 11/19)
85 Octane Gas (Don A in FL 11/19
86 It From the Menu (Rebecca 11/19)
87 Four Score and Seven Years Ago
88 Eighty Eight Keys (Dave 11/18)

90 Those Ninety Calibers, Those Pezzonovante

92 Reggie White's Jersey Number (Don A in FL 11/23)

95 The Ninety-Five Theses
96 Ninety-Six Tears (Sis 11/15)

98 Degrees Fahrenheit

100 The Hundred Acre Wood
101 The Hundred and One Dalmations

110 The Hundred and Ten Cornets (Hah! Sis was on the trail but she missed this - Linda 11/14)

151 One Hundred Fifty One Proof Rum (Jenny 11/17)

180 One Hundred Eighty Degrees Turns You Around

190 Proof Everclear (Don A in FL 11/19)

206 The Two Hundred and Six Bones (Sis 11/15)

212 Two Hundred Twelve Degrees Fahrenheit.

247 Twenty Four / Seven (Doug 11/17)

256 Two Hundred Fifty Six Megabytes (Dave 11/18)

300 The Three Hundred Spartans (Linda 11/14)

337 Three Hundred Thirty Seven point Five Degrees True is North by Northwest

360 Three Hundred Sixty Degrees in a Circle (Don A in FL 11/16)

365 The Three hundred Sixty Five Days in a year

368 Penn Street, Norristown (Don A in FL 11/23)

400 The Allstate Four Hundred at the Brickyard (Don A in FL 11/16)

403 Walnut Street, Norristown

409 Four O Nine, Four O Nine (Sis 11/18)

411 Dial Four One One for Information (Don A in FL 11/18)

415 Four Fifteen is Tax Day (Dave 11/18)

428 Four Twenty Eight Cobra (Dave 11/18)

451 Four Hundred Fifty-One Degrees Fahrenheit

454 Four Hundred Fifty Four Cubic Inch Big Block Engine (Jenny 11/17)

500 The Indy Five Hundred (Don A in FL 11/16)

600 The Six Hundred (Linda 11/14)

610 Six One Zero Area Code (Don A in FL 11/18)

666 Six Hundred Three Score and Six

700 The Seven Hundred Club (Don A in FL 11/16)

711 The 7-11 Stores (Rebecca 11/19)

747 The Boeing Seven Forty Seven (Don A in FL 11/16)

800 Dial Eight Hundred for toll free (Don A in FL 11/16)

911 Nine Eleven (Don A in FL 11/17)

930 Nine Hundred Thirty Years, and He died

969 Nine Hundred Sixty and Nine Years, and He died

1,000 The Thousand Points of Light
1,001 The Thousand Nights and A Night

1,066 Ten Sixty Six AD (Dave 11/18)

1,492 Fourteen Ninety Two (Don A in FL 11/17)

1,621 Sixteen Twenty One (Don A in FL 11/17)

1,776 Seventeen Seventy Six (Don A in FL 11/17)

1,814 In Eighteen Fourteen He took a Little Trip

2,000 The Two Thousand Year Old Man

2,008 The Two Thousand and Eight Olympics (Jenny 11/17)

2,525 In the Year Twenty Five Twenty Five (Dave 11/18)

4,844 Four Thousand Eight Hundred and Forty Four Years Old When Cut Down

5,440 Fifty Four Forty, Or Fight

8,808 Eight Eight Zero Eight (Hah! - Jenny had the clue for this but missed it)

10,000 The Ten Thousand (Sis 11/15)

20,000 Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea (Dave 11/18)

22,900 Sagamore Two Two Nine Hundred (Don A in FL 11/17)

64,000 The Sixty-Four Thousand Dollar Question

The Million Man March

2,997,922,458 Meters per Second

The Six Million Dollar Man (Sis 11/15)

The Nine Billion Names of God (Linda 11/14)

The One Hundred Billion Dollar Note

The Seven Hundred Billion Dollar Bailout (Don A in Florida 11/15)

The One Hundred Trillion Mark Note

Six point Zero Two Two Times Ten To the Twenty-Third Power

The Googol taken to the Googol Power is

The Googolplex

The Nth Degree (Dave 11/14)

The Infinity Pool


Anonymous suggested amendments to the constitution as all purpose cheaters which got me to thinking
The following Cheaters are not allowed unless desperate or unless the number of the cheater is a significant number:
x Bottles of Beer on the wall can be used for any number under 99
x degrees fahrenheit or celcius can be used for melting and boiling points
x degrees of bearing can be used for numbers up to 360, cardinal points and significant degree numbers by the scrupulous
Numbers can be used in the forms "x is prime," "y is perfect," "z is composite," "q is the sum or product or square or cube or square or cube root of x"
The numbers of Psalms (except the 23rd because I hadn't ruled out Psalms before Sis suggested it)
The Amendments to the constitution
The days of the month
Julian Dates

Obviously this list has strayed from the original rules; but that's life. It starts out simple and more or less manageable, warm milk in and a couple of other substances out. Then it gets increasingly complicated until the point where it begins to get simpler again.


anonymous2 said...

The two minute drill
The eleventh hour

Sully said...

I'm going to allow "The Eleventh hour" for the time being although I'm skeptical about whether it fits the rules. If someone suggests something starting with "The Eleven" it comes down.

But for the time being I can't quibble because I put "The hundred and one dalmations" and The Thousand and One Nights" on the list even though each of those is better known as starting with "A" rather than "The". To take another example I considered posting "The Eight Fold Path" but that is usually "The Eightfold Path" I think.

One is either precise about these things or one is not. This matter needs further thought. Mayhap Grokking will fill.

And now you've made me regret that I didn't think of "The Two Minute Warning" when I posted the originals; but fair is fair.

sis said...

The fifty ways to leave your lover???


(I know, "the" isn't part of this one)

sis said...

Shouldn't it be The eight planets?

Anonymous said...

The 8 Wonders of the World or the 8 Maids a Milking?

Anonymous said...

the 40 year old virgin

Dave said...

Disclaimer: I know that infinity is possibly not a number but in the spirit of infinity..

"The Nth degree"

Rebecca said...

the eight levels of consciousness - Timothy Leary

Sully said...

Sis - There were nine planets when I went to school and there will always be nine planets on this blog.

Anon - See above - there were seven wonders of the world when I went to school. . .
And anyway, Eight Maids is better.

Dave - I thought of the Nth degree on the way to work and then wondered if it might be over people's heads, and here it is from you. I've put it up, along with a correction re the names of God that pointed out

Rebecca - you're getting a little old to be expanding your mind like Timothy Leary. An excellent suggestion but anonymous above beat you to the punch on eight.

Anonymous said...

the 500 (into the valley of...)

sis said...

The six million dollar man

Anonymous said...

The 206 bones in the human body?

The 49 United States on the continent of North America?

sis said...

The seventy six trombones that led the big parade?

The 10,000 maniacs

The 96 tears recorded by Question Mark and the Mysterians?

ps that last anonymous was me!

Dave said...

The 82nd Airborne?

sis said...

The twenty yard line

Sully said...

Sis - I'm allowing you Six Million, 206, 96 and 20, but I think your 49 is a stretch so I'm changing the rules and giving you 48 - I'm also allowing you 10,000 but there's a better reference that goes way back to Tacitus or one of those guys.

Dave - 82nd airborne is good under the new looser rules and you've reminded me of three of others that I'm surprised you didn't think of.

sis said...

Four and twenty blackbirds baked in a pie.

Sully said...

Sis - I'm going to allow it even though this way may lie the complete breakdown of order.

Anonymous said...

If you get hung up for a number, you could use some of the Amendments of the Constitution as filler.

You know about the eightfold path?


Sully said...

I know about the eightfold path only from novels, the way I know a lot of things.

I was starting to have an AHa! moment there in thinking that people knowing things incidentally to reading fiction is something new. But now I that I think on it I realize that most people back when knew things from tribal chiefs, priests up on mounds or altars, or storytellers like Homer - just as we do today. None of whom have much history of dealing in literal truth.

To a significant extent the deconstructionists are right; which probably makes it all the more important that they be gathered up and burned at the stake so they can't continue to contaminate the young. The Aztecs had the right idea. Youngsters of the ruling class were enrolled in warrior clans and lived almost soley with their clan mates, totally immersed in the clan myths, until they were in their mid thirties - being involved only with training and war and games. If they survived, they married and only then could get involved in politics and use drugs and booze and generally think about things.

Young people should not be cynics. Their heads must be kept full of myths! Now there is an eureka moment. Of course I can't publish it except here because it won't work if the young figure out that it's all a con.

Sully said...

In reference to my last - Any of you 30+ year old "young folks" who read this should know that you're already part of the establishment and will be swept aside like us geezers when someone truly young comes to understand the world, seizes the moment and rises up.

Alexander was 20 years old when he (probably) conspired to have his father assassinated. He then went on to overturn the establishment over much of the known world before he died at 34 years old. His inner circle was a group of the same age that he had grown up with, like a high school football team only with swords and spears instead of elbows.

The reason the founders made 35 years old a requirement for presidency is that the young are too vigorous and dangerous to have power.

The Aztecs punished under
35s with death for drinking or for consuming chocolate. They also had real sporting contests to test the young. The losers of the ball games were sacrificed.

sis said...

Sixteen candles

sis said...

The 23rd psalm

Sully said...

Sis - I'm going to post them although using a psalm number gets into the forbidden zone.

sis said...

It's your puzzle, you can decide what fits. I just make suggestions!

sis said...

It's your puzzle, you can decide what fits. I just make suggestions!

Anonymous said...

The 30.06 Rifle
The 7.62 Nato

Sully said...

Sorry Anon - We already have thirty and seven taken. People call them the Thirty Ought Six and the Seven Six Two, but I can't see stretching far enough to put them in at Three Thousand and Six or Seven Hundred and Sixty Two.

The Forty Five is a bit of a cheat because like yours it is really the
.45, but people actually call it "The Forty Five"

And if we start interpolating decimal numbers we'll all go nuts.

But you have reminded me to put in the Twenty Two Rimfire which is what we shot for target rifle back in the day.

rebecca said...

goodness - people sure do love a game...
Anyway, how 'bout the good old AK-47? Should fit with the new rules. Also - The thirty-nine steps (novel and movie by John Buchanan and Alfred Hitchcock respectively)

Sully said...

The Thirty Nine Steps is a good one. And, alright, alright, already, I'll put the AK 47 on the list even though the entropy of the system is now careening toward zero.

sis said...

25 or 6 to 4

Jenny said...

The Sweet Fifteen. It is a girls' birthday celebrated by some Hispanic cultures, I think called the Quincenera. Yea, I am in again. I was the Maids a Milkin. ;) Also, Doug says 24/7 but if it doesn't fit in the rules, then he quits!

Jenny said...

The 25th Hour (a movie), the last boyscout, and Doug says The Oldest African Frog.

Also miracle on 34th street, and by the way I think Don A gets too much leeway. Oh yeah, the 2008 Olympics.

Sully said...

Sis - "25 or 6 to 4"
I'm befuddled, bothered and bewildered by that - don't understand at all.

Jenny - Sweet Fifteen is a good one as are 2008 olympics and miracle on 34th street - and that made me think of a good one which is the name of a broadway play - I'll give you sort of credit for that. And I'm going to change maids a milking to you, but let it be on your head if some other anonymous comes after you for stealing their entry. Where is the number in the Last Boyscout?
Finally - Don A gets extra leeway because he's old. He also gets special discounts in stores and restaurants which you don't get. When you get as old as he is you will get special leeway if I'm still writing this blog.

Doug - I'll put in 24/7 as 247 because 24 is already taken. Unfortunately the oldest african frog is either 22 or 23 years old and both are already taken.

Sully said...

Jenny - and your 2008 made me think of another one that I'll give you sort of credit for.

Jenny said...

27 Dresses, Bacardi 151, and I will concede to your logic for allowances made for Don A. Also, the 454 Big Block. Good night Uncle.

jenny said...

ok 1 more, the 67 Chevy

Sully said...

Good ones Jenny. I've put them up.

Anonymous said...

25 or 6 to 4

Maybe someone else can figure it out?

sis said...

409 "She's real fine my 409"
How many more engine blocks do you want?
Ides of March?
Hey 19
1066 Battle of Hastings
401 K
428 cobra jet
256 Megabyte RAM
256 Hexadecimal
666 Mark of the devil
Track 29

Sully said...

19, 256,401,409,428,1066 all good

Ides of March is the 15th - already have a 15

666 - already have it
You watchful brother.

It appears that next week I'll have even more time, because (Sob! - Crocodile tear) my short term job is coming to an end.

dave said...

Cold 72
In the year 2525
88 keys

Ides of March
April 15
428 cobra jet

I should have labeled the last group above as Dave

sis said...

Fifty three--the number on Herbie's hood

? the minimum temperature of water for Sul to go swimming.

sis said...

20,000 Leagues under the Sea

jenny said...

the 64 ounce can of San Marzano Tomatoes

jenny said...

sorry to be crass, but for the sake of completion, the 69 position, i know you were all thinking it

rebecca said...

Jenny!!! - the 69 position? really...this is a family site;), but I'll second the motion.

rebecca said...

36 - The 36 Officers Math Problem
51- Area 51
86 - 86 it means to take something off the menu in the restaurant industry if you run out of it.

Sully said...

Jenny and Rebecca,
I'm speechless. . .

rebecca said...

7-11 convenience store
"The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin' Groovy)" - by simon and garfunkel

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