Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sanatoga Ridge, figs and the frog.

This afternoon we visited Delores W up in the Sanatoga Ridge Community. Delores moved into her new garden apartment a couple of weeks ago. As it turned out Delores was just returning to her apartment with Debra when we walked over after touring the rest of the development for while. Linda and I have been wanting to see her new place; and today happened to be an open house for the community, so we took the opportunity to walk around.

We saw one bedroom and two bedroom models in the detached housing blocks. While we were in the two bedroom model we were approached by a couple of residents who wanted to share how much they've liked the place since moving there a couple of years ago. And then a surprise; when we mentioned that we were also planning to visit Delores it turned out that their daughter recommended Sanatoga Ridge to Delores when they met at Corropolese in Limerick. It's a small world.

While we were talking to those folks the lady who lives next door to the model unit, Peggy, walked over and offered to show us her unit. She has the type of unit that has a garage, none of which were available and open for the tour. Peggy said she was also very pleased with her decision to move there eighteen months ago. She has her place filled with an amazing collection of hand made colonial style furniture.

All in all we liked the Garden Apartment building where Delores' unit is the best. The apartments are on both sides of a wide corridor that runs down the middle of the two long buildings. Then the buildings are connected by an even wider bridge on the second level. The bridge is a gathering area with a TV and tables for eating and assembling jigsaw puzzles and such. A very nice design touch. All in all a very nice place, and Delores' apartment, on the ground floor is also very nice, with two bedrooms, a combination kitchen, dining and sitting area, and an outside patio.

Linda just came in from a walk bringing the small fig I've been letting get ripe on the tree. It will be the last fig of the year unless we get some unusually warm weather over the next week. There are still a number of smallish figs on there but I don't imagine they'll get ripe. I'm surprised that this one got ripe. I have to start bundling up that fig tree to be wrapped, I'm planning to use old belts that I have upstairs. I haven't worn a few of those belts for years.

In other news - I changed the frog's water yesterday, so he's angry at me today and he's sulking under his rocks. He always sulks and hides for a few days after I change the water; which isn't surprising because it can't be a very dignified procedure from his point of view. At least this time there were no major hitches. He stayed nicely stuck to the sink basin by surface tension, able to slide around, but not able to get any leverage to jump out, while I cleaned out the tank and refilled it with fresh water.

He pulled his calm and complacent act when I picked him up out of the sink; but I wasn't fooled. I had him well in control when he started scratching and struggling; and I got him into the tank with no trouble. He hasn't escaped for years and yet he still plays his little games, always hopeful of turning the return to the tank into a real battle. From my side I remember all too well that time when I neglected to close the lid of the toilet and then had a hell of a time getting him out of there. Since then I never take him out of the tank without the toilet lid and the door to the bathroom closed.

He may also be sulking in there because I rebuilt the rocks into the cave pattern they were in before he went berserk a couple of weeks ago and shoved them every which way. If he objected to the arrangement, it's the first time he has since I started building a sort of cave with the rocks over twenty years ago. Maybe he was just sleeping and had a bad dream that he was being attacked. If so, he surely slayed his dream attacker. The two biggest rocks in there weigh at least five times what he does; but he was shoving them around like they were nothing.

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