Monday, August 4, 2008

Here's an Augustine side meat ravioli filling recipe

Don Augustine saw my ravioli post and sent me the recipe for meat ravioli filling he got 40 years ago from his Aunt Anna Powell. Presumably this comes down from Don's grandmother, Louise Roncase Augustine, also known as Sia (Aunt) Gigette; so probably it was originally a Roncase recipe.

One day I'll do a geneology post to take this further but Sia Gigette was the wife of my grandfather's brother. She was my dad's favorite Aunt because he liked her, uh, direct and frank manner of speaking her mind on all issues. My mom often told a story about a lively conversation with Sia Gigette that went like. . . well. . . perhaps the content of that conversation is not entirely suitable for some of the tender eyes which may find their way to this blog.

At some point I will find the Grandmom Angelina Luzi recipe that mom and Aunt Mary Raimo made, or else Angela will find her way to this blog and provide it. And perhaps Charlotte or Ann or Anna will provide the Filomena Augustine recipe if they have it.

Don emailed that he makes ravioli with this filling every year with his grandchildren.

Augustine Chicken Ravioli Filling (From Don Augustine)

6 Cups of Chicken cooked and ground fine
3 Cups of pork cooked and ground fine
6 Large egg yolks (save the whites for the dough)
2 Cups of bread crumbs
2 Cups of locatelli cheese
2 Tsp of fresh nutmeg
3 Cups of chicken broth (make sure the broth is cool so it doesn’t cook the egg)
1 Tsp salt
½ Tsp black pepper
2 Tsp parsley

Refrigerate for 1 day and add seasoning if needed.

Makes enough for 10 doz. 4 inch shells, I use a one pound coffee can or a 16 oz tomato can and it’s just the right size for cutting the shells.

I usually make chicken soup and then use the chicken for the Raviolis, and when I say 6 cups it is 6 cups of ground chicken and the same for the pork it is measured after it is ground. Rule of thumb it will be about a ½ pound per cup

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