Thursday, April 30, 2009

Here's a swine talking about the flu on MSNBC

I wonder what the environmentalists and the Mayor of New York think about him suggesting that people shouldn't use subways to get to work.

I also wonder if anyone in his family has taken the subway anywhere since he was bought lock stock and barrel and became "the Senator from MBNA" thirty years ago.

Finally, I wonder who's doing his makeup. He looks like he has dropsy or something.

Meanwhile, the Muslims in Egypt are franticly killing all the pigs owned by the Coptic Christians, even though the pigs being killed have nothing to do with spreading Swine Flu. This makes sense from a Muslim standpoint since its a great new way to get at what they really want to do, which is to starve out the Copts or force them to flee the country as they have been patiently doing for 1400 years. We should offer asylum to any and all Egyptian Coptic Christians who want to come to the U.S.

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