Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A great poster that says it all about energy

Environmentalists are blocking every energy related project they can, even projects like wind and solar that they say they want.

For the time being we here in the U.S. have sufficient access to energy. But every year our population increases; and every year our need for more electricity and gasoline and natural gas and heating oil increases. If the loonies keep blocking projects aimed at building power plants and refineries and developing more oil and gas wells there will eventually be shortages.

I liked the poster this fellow developed in response to Earth Day. North Korea is an object example of what happens when government bureaucrats control everything.


And, in other news: the sun remains quiet, very quiet. We've had a few unseasonably warm days here in Collegeville recently; but if the sun is going into a significant quiet period as some scientists suspect things may get pretty chilly around here.

If you think global warming is a reason for running around screaming and shouting that the sky is falling, you should do some googling on the subject of the Little Ice Age and get a grip on something really worth hyperventilating about. Even if global warming is real, it's effects on agriculture and such at the levels the alarmists project are trivial relative to the sort of disruptions that significant global cooling would cause.

But we'll all be dead of swine flu by then anyway, so why worry.


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