Monday, July 21, 2008

Finished one McMurtry, launched on another

The other day I finished McMurtry's "All My Friends Are Going To Be Strangers." An excellent book. What a writer Larry McMurtry was at a relatively early age in 1972. He really makes Danny Deck interesting.

Then on Saturday over at Sam's I found McMurtry's much later novel, "Streets of Laredo." It's the last of his three epic western novels along with "Comanche Moon," and "Lonesome Dove." I listened to "Streets of Laredo" as a book tape and then also read it a few years ago, so it's characters are familiar, but still their stories grip and draw me forward. Any reader who doesn't have a positive phobia for the old west can't fail to find interest in Mr. Brookshire, Woodrow Call, P.I. Parker, Joey Garza, Famous Shoes and Lorena Parker. The only advice I'd give is that, while the three books each stand independently, "Comanche Moon," is the best starting place.

How lucky I am to have the time and the opportunity to read "Streets of Laredo" again. I may just go back and do "Comanche Moon" and "Lonesome Dove" again as well. They're long but they're fast reads. In three days I'm already halfway through "Streets," and I really haven't been neglecting any of my other urgent responsibilities, like watching the hummingbird and picking tomatoes as they ripen.

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