Saturday, July 19, 2008

Filched peppers make the best lunch

I don't grow peppers in my garden because the supermarket sells peppers just as good as I can grow at home. But the supermarket doesn't sell peppers as good as ones filched from somebody else's garden. And it turns out my brother and his family left for Florida yesterday afternoon. I was in his garden picking and in his pool floating before his plane landed in Orlando. Not that the pool was quiet for my sister and her family also decided it was a good time to visit.

I considered taking some of his luxuriant Swiss Chard while I was there, but Mrs. Sully has been making rebellious noises about the amount of chard we've been eating from my own garden. So it was just as well Marianne decided to thin that out for Sam.

Sam's peppers made a very fine lunch after I fried them up with oil, garlic and a couple of eggs. And his pool will be very fine this afternoon as soon as I finish digesting. It would clearly be a sin to let that pool lie fallow on a day as hot as this. And he has some cucumbers up there that may be getting too big to leave on the vines.

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