Friday, December 18, 2009

Good for the Queen

This article tickled me because the picture through the train window reminded me how much Mom looked like Queen Elizabeth. There is a picture of her on the golf cart with Pop which can cause you to do a double take.

The article also interested me because of how small an entourage the Queen travels with. Our presidents have gotten to the point where they travel like God Emperors, with a cast of thousands.

A friend once told me he was in Philly when the first President Bush came down Market Street in his motorcade. He said a normal seeming fellow in a business suit spontaneously got up on one of those concrete planters or trash can holders and yelled out, "All hail the king," or something like that.

Just so! Surely it's important for the president to have good security. But is it really necessary for him to travel with the huge entourage that commonly attends him. The president is not a God Emperor. He's a fellow we elect to do a job for us for 4 years. His office and he deserve respect; but really.